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Roger Garman (Manassas, VA ) Email: [email protected] Date:  Jan 2  2003 - From a co-worker that had the opportunity to work with Edith for approximately one and a half years. She was truly a caring person, to her co-workers, friends and the families she worked with. I can say her actions spoke louder than her words. I offer my condolence and may God bless her family, in such a difficult time. 

Jerry White (Nokesville, VA )  Email:  [email protected] Date:  Jan 2  2003 - I really didnt know Mrs. Vanover but i could tell she was a great mother to her kids. They were well manored and always high in spirit.I like to tell the children that she will always be with them when they get older , go to prom, get married and when they have kids of there own. I\'m really sorry but remember theres holes in the floor of heaven and her tears are fallen down thats how you know shes watching wishing she could be hear now. So when it rains remember shes watching and she will always love you even if shes not there to say but in your heart she is! 

Blanca Elizondo (Manassas, VA ) Email:  [email protected] Date: Jan 2 2003 - Edie and I worked together for three years.She was truely a gift from God. May she always be remembered for the many wonderful things she brought to light, and the many lives she touched.I will greatly miss her. God bless Her family and may he get you through this very difficult time.

Judy Sensel (Manassas Park, VA )  Date:  Jan 2 2003 - My heart and prayers are with your family at this difficult time.

Kelly-Ann Neverson   (Bristow, VA ) Date:  Jan 3 2003 - Edie was my case worker from healthy family. I can say she wasn\'t just my case worker but a good friend to me, she was the only one I can call any time to talk about thing that going on in my life. I have known Edie for two years, Edie we love you, and my son and I will miss you always. I will now conclude by saying, that Edie is a loving, careing, fair and understanding person, and no one cannot fill her place. We all need to know that she is in a wonderful place now and we all should be strong and happy, rest in peace my friend. 

Katherine Conklin   (Rockwall, TX )  Date: Jan 3 2003 - Knowing Edie for almost 8 years (mostly through Alpha Bet Preschool) gave me lots of opportunities to see what a wonderful person she was. She loved her husband dearly, still starry eyed. She loved her children so much and was always proud of them. She tried hard to always do the right thing for them and was one of the most patient and understanding mothers I\'ve ever known. I have many good memories with Edie and her family. I will always remember her as a happy, fun-loving, laugh out loud lady. I miss her already. She was really something! 

Connie Pickeral Jenkins (culpeper, VA ) Date: Jan 4  2003

Rick and Brenda Vanover (Goldvein, VA ) Email: [email protected] Date: Jan 4  2003 - Edie was a compassionate and caring individual. Whether on a personal or professional level she always made those that she came into contact with feel better for having known her. She freely shared her faith, her hope, her optimism and a love that sincerely she felt for everyone. On a personal level she was more than a sister-in-law, she became a real sister and she was more than a daughter-in-law to my parents, she was like their own daughter. She worked with families in need at Northern Virginia Family Services and her co-worker and those families that she served knew her a as more than a social worker, she was their friend and someone that could always be counted on to do her very very best. On the day that we lost Edie she was on her way to work. That in its self isn\'t remarkable but, what is remarkable is that this was her day off and she didn\'t have to go to work. She was going to work because she was needed. She lost her life on her way to serve others. Edie always seemed to put the needs of others before her own. Our family has lost a dear and beloved sister, a daughter, a wife and a mother but, the community at large has lost a devoted and compassionate servant of those less fortunate. Although her life was shortened tragically her legacy will continue through those that she has inspired and through her daughters and a son in whom she instilled love, compassion and a bright hope for the future.

Lynn Kosanovich (Alexandria, VA )  Date: Jan 10 2003 - We met this morning, so many of Edie\'s work colleagues, to talk, to cry, to share stories of how Edie had touched our lives. We took time to stop, to share--and then we moved on, not because we wanted to or because we were ready to, but because Edie\'s closest coworkers said that is what Edie would have wanted. She would have wanted us to continue to serve the families that were so important to her. And so we go. But a piece of her goes with us, and we are better for it.

Landi  Email: [email protected]  Date:  Thu Feb 13 15:41:54 EST 2003 - I never knew Edie, but I'm sure she is a lovely soul ... just looking at her eyes in the photograph, one can tell she was special ... very special. My condolences on her passing, but keep in mind, one day, you will all be together again.

Rick and Brenda   Date: Sun Apr 20 04:45:35 EDT 2003  - It is Easter and we were thinking about Edie. She loved holidays and she loved the opportunities to get together with her family and friends. We miss her but, she will always be remembered as a sweet and gentle person who gives us great joy, even now.

Richard Oliff   Email:  [email protected] Date: Sat Jul 19 12:36:40 EDT 2003 - Hi,I hope you don't mind me leaving this message. I am an OLIFF living in England, and I came accross this site purely by chance. It brought a tear to my eye, and I thought what a terrible thing to have happened Although I never knew Edie, please accept this note of genuine sympathy from a passing stranger. GOD BLESS

A Friend   Date: Mon Aug 11 10:44:01 EDT 2003  - Happy birthday Edie. We love and miss you very much. We were thinking of you today. We are also thinking of your family and hoping that as each holiday, birthday or anniversary passes they will be able to draw on their love for God and their faith to find the comfort and peace that passes all understanding. 

Rick & Brenda  Date: Tues Dec 30 10:44:01 EDT 2003  - It is difficult to feel our usual sense of security and comfort in our life when an anniversary like this one passes our way. Even after ten thousand tears, all of us that knew and love Edie can barely think of her without a smile followed by even more tears. We often talk about Edie's life and how many people she has touched. But, the real testament of Edie’s life is witnessed everyday as we watch her family continue on without her physical presence. We see a strong and caring husband as Randy continues on to be the model father, always tending to the physical and spiritual needs of his children. It is impossible to comprehend the kind of strength that Randy demonstrates everyday as he cares for his children and still takes the time to comfort his family and friends when they are overwhelmed by grief. We see three beautiful children working through their loss with grace and  steadfast courage. We see Edie’s spirit in all of them, always doing their very best, looking to God for strength and courage and doing all that is possible to comfort their father everyday. Edie’s children are the very best examples of why Edie’s life was so important and why even though it was all to short, her life was full beyond measure. We look forward to seeing Edie again someday when all of God’s children gather together for the ultimate family reunion.

Randy  Tue Dec 30 12:49:14 EST 2003  - Well its been a year now and in some ways it feels like ten and in others it feels like yesterday. I miss you like it was yesterday but there are days that seem like they will never end. I have done my best with the kids and they have shown me a lot this past year. They amaze me babe. You have taught them well and I thank you so much for that. Maghan is doing so well in school and has shown me in so many ways how much of you she has in her. It has been a blessing and a comfort to me and the kids. Courtney has a boybriend, his name id AJ, he's a good kid and I trust her with him. She is the tough one babe. She holds so much in. I think she is doing well though. She has a little too much of me in her. Not allowing people to see whats going on in her head. She has become the head of the house when it comes to cleaning and decorating. You can't leave a glass on the table half full cause it will be gone if you turn your head. Eric is amazing for a twelve year old. He has his bad days as I would expect. He does miss you so much as we all do. He enjoys going to the grave site. Its an emotional visit any time we go but it does help him to be there so I take him whenever he wants to go. As for me well, I hurt every day and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't cry for you. The evenings are the worst I guess. After the kids have gone to bed and it is our time to talk and catch up on the day. I still talk to you, some times I fuss some times I laugh, but always I miss you. All and all we are doing good and there is no need to worry about us, you trained us well. We will go on and will honor you in each of our special ways. Just to let you know Cindy has been a big help since you left. She is great with the kids and helps me make a lot of the decisions around here. You would be very proud of her. Thank you for watching over us, we all feel you here in some way or another. I love you babe and always will. I promise I will do what I can to do the best for the kids. I miss you babe. Keep up the help. See you soon. Love you, Randy

Rhonda   Email:  [email protected]   Date: Wed Dec 31 08:30:04 EST 2003  - It's been a year now since we lost Edie's physical presence.  In some ways it seems so long and in some ways so short.  The pain is still very real and deep.  Randy and the kids have been amazing.  The foundation she laid for the family is astounding. I know she is watching over them.  I talk to her every day and miss her every day.  The holidays and anniversaries are the hardest.  She is never far from my thoughts.  I get to see Eric every day at school and that\'s a blessing.  I'm trying to help him all I can and hope Edie will continue to guide me.  Courtney and Maghan are wonderful young ladies and I see so much of Edie in them.  Randy has been incredible this year.  I see the pain in his eyes, but also the determination to do the best he can for the kids and to honor Edie every day.  I love all of you so much and hope you will always remember that Edie is still with us and we'll see her again one day. love Rhonda

Emily Oliff    Date:  Thu Jun 10 21:45:40 EDT 2004  A poem by Emily Olff age 7   - Blue skies make me think of my Aunt. She drifted off into the beautiful midnight sky. She gracefully lifts my hand and pulls me to heaven. We dance. We sing and we both fall asleep on the fluffy white clouds under the moon while the moon is above us singing a lullaby.

Rhonda Vanover  Email: [email protected]  Date:   Wed Aug 11 15:25:59 EDT 2004  On the anniversary of Edie's birth, let us celebrate her life and the love she gave us. I am so grateful that she came into our lives and family.  

Randy  Email:   [email protected]   Date:   Fri Aug 13 00:15:49 EDT 2004<BR   - Hi Babe, Your birthday was yesterday, those are always tough. I think your birthday and Mothers Day will always be tough ones around here. Everything is going well here. We still miss you very much and there isn\'t a day that goes by that one of us will see or do something that reminds us of you. We are having a lot of work done to the house, its all the things that you wanted to do, so the kids and I came up with a plan took it to a contractor and told him to do it. The kids are so excited about. Maghan's getting ready to go back to college next week. She worked as a nanny all summer, she seemed to enjoy it. I\'m going to miss having her around. When she comes home for the summer, you kind of get use to that extra noise in the house and then its quiet again. Eric says he is ready to go back to school, I think he should be over that feeling after the first day. Its great having Rhonda there to help out. He hates it when she is out sick or something. He misses you very much, we sit and talk about you all the time. Its great that he can do that.  Courtney has started back with her dance classes. That’s a big step for her, she hasn\'t been back since you left. I think it will be good for her, she really enjoys it. She’s excited about school to, mostly for the socializing I believe. I went out to your grave yesterday, its kind of fun to see the things people leave there for you. I have a little Micky Mouse figure that we brought back from Disney last year (we went there on your birthday) and I put it on your bronze plaque, its been there by itself all year. When I get there yesterday, someone left a Little Minnie Mouse standing there beside him. Then someone took some pennies and left them there in the shape of a heart. I think I will be finding things out there for many years. Well, I want to let you know I was thinking of you and to let you know we are fine. (as if you didn\'t already know that) I miss you babe. We all do. Keep watching over us and helping me with the kids, Lord knows I need it. I love you and keep you in my heart everyday. Happy Birthday Baby, Randy

ERIC VANOVER  Email:    [email protected]   Date:   Mon Sep 06 15:03:15 EDT 2004  - Well i miss my mom so much she was always there for me we love her i miss her we will see her 1 day in heven frome eric vanover

Rick   Email:   [email protected] Date:    Wed Nov 24 05:00:40 EST 2004  This poem made me think of Edie.  She remains a sweet and enduring memory that brings a smile to us by just the thought of her spirit, like flowers dancing in a breeze.

I wandered Lonely As A Cloud by William Wordsworth   I wandered lonely as a cloud  That floats on high o\'er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd,  A host, of golden daffodils;  Beside the lake, beneath the trees,  Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.  Continuous as the stars that shine  And twinkle on the milky way,  They stretched in never-ending line  Along the margin of a bay: Ten thousand saw I at a glance,  Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.   The waves beside them danced; but they  Out-did the sparkling waves in glee: A poet could not but be gay,<BR>In such a jocund company:<BR>I gazed--and gazed--but little thought<BR>What wealth the show to me had brought:   For oft, when on my couch I lie  In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye  Which is the bliss of solitude;  And then my heart with pleasure fills,  And dances with the daffodils.

Rick   Date:   Thurs Dec 30 06:01:25 EST 2004    - Even though two years have come and gone we still feel a fresh sense of loss when each anniversary of that loss passes. But, our hearts are filled with joy when we see Edie’s legacy exhibited in the lives of her children. As her daughter travels half way around the world to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, we rejoice in the knowledge that even though Edie’s life here was shortened, her spirit lives on, now and for eternity. 

Randy   Date:   Thu Jan 27 20:50:44 EST 2005    - I’ve sat here at this page many times in the past three weeks trying to type a message that would make the past two years make sense. As you can see, I have felled to do so. This has been the longest two years in my life. People ask all the time, how I’m doing. I reply “I’m fine.” That’s not a lie, It’s very hard to express all those feelings in a passing conversation. More important is that the kids are doing well. Not that they don’t hurt and miss you just like the rest of us. They have a life time of memories ahead of them to create. They seem so busy all the time these days. Well if you remember when we were that age, we were going all the time. Maghan just got back from South East Asia on a mission trip. She amazes me. She has so much of you in her. She going to touch a lot of people in her walk through life as you did and still do even when you’re gone. Courtney is always going somewhere with her friends, boy friend, work, dance or her favorite pass time, shopping. See she is carrying on something that you enjoyed too. Eric, well what can I say. He just loves being a 13-year-old boy. School is still a struggle as it always will be I guess. If  it wasn’t for Rhonda helping me with that I have no idea what I would do. I have had the house remodeled. I did all the things to it that you wanted to do for so many years. I thought it would help the kids changing things around here. They are really excited about having it finished. They have helped make a lot of the decisions on the colors and stuff. They have really enjoyed doing that. I think it’s been a big boost for them. I just wish you were here to enjoy what you dreamed of doing for so long. Well back to what I started out with doing this message. How am I doing? I’m fine. It still hurts. People say it will hurt less as time goes by. It’s been two years.  It doesn’t. People say to think about all the good times. I do. Then I miss you more. People say to stay busy. Lord if I were any busier I would need two of  me. I know there isn’t any magic formula that will make things right. So I’ll stay busy, remember the good things, and wait for time to go by, most of all I will keep my faith in God and know that one day we will all be able to sit down and talk about how the rest of our lives went after you left so suddenly. I miss you very much babe. Keep an eye on us. Love you much. 

Rhonda   Date:  Thu Aug 11 20:07:29 EDT 2005  -  Today is Edie's birthday.  The days like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are always the hardest without her.  I visited her gravesite today.  Someone had already been there with flowers and a sparkley birthday sign.  I talked to her and cried and missed her a lot.  I always feel her presence, though.  Love is eternal.  We are so blessed to have her in our family.  Love to all who read this.  Rhonda

Rick    Email:   [email protected]   Date:    Fri Nov 25 10:14:36 EST 2005  -  The Thanksgiving day celebration with Randy and family was wonderful. Everything seemed perfect as family gathered together to fellowship with one another and give thanks for another year of blessings. However, I know that everyone did as I and had a tug at their heart as we looked around Randy's beautiful home and saw the pictures of Edie lovingly adorning the walls. We remember how Edie loved the holidays and how she always was such a gracious hostess. We all missed her yesterday. Holidays are a time of celebration, but also a time for remembrance and remembering Edie still brings us all a special pleasure. It is comforting to know that she is still bringing us smiles and joy.

JANET VANOVER  Email:   [email protected]    Date:   Thu Jun 15 13:48:30 EDT 2006  IAM SORRY ABOUT YOUR LOSS

Randy   Date:   Fri Aug 11 10:30:59 EDT 2006  - Happy Birthday Honey,  We think about you every day and always will.

Date:    Mon May 21 21:47:43 EDT 2007   - We love and miss you very much!

AMY   Date:    Thu May 31 10:03:51 EDT 2007  -  How wonderful of you to remember Edie with a donation to the Scripps Howard Spelling Bee in her name! Edie was a special person. My daughter and Eric were in class together at Alpha-Bet and Edie was always right there, ready to help.

Rhonda     Date:   Sun Aug 19 20:13:28 EDT 2007  - Dad died on Wednesday.  We laid him to rest near Edie.  We all visited her grave and put flowers there for her.  They are together now along with all the others we have loved and lost. We miss you so much.  Love to all who read this.  Sis

Rhonda     Date:   Aug 11 11:04 EDT 2008  - I celebrate having Edie in my life every day, but on her birthday, a special tribute is sent. It was a privilege to have her in my life for as long as I did and to have her in my heart forever. Love to all who read this. Rhonda  Sis

Rick and Brenda     Date:   Dec 30 12:04 EDT 2012  - It has been ten years since Edie went home to be with God but we remember Edie's love for life and her family like it was yesterday. She seemed to celebrate life everyday. Brenda and I look forward to the day when we will all be together again and celebrate with her in a grand family reunion in heaven. Rick and Brenda